What Phase 1 of Resuming Construction Means

Please know that this post is for information and guidance. We’re doing our best to simplify the regulations so they are easier to understand.

Our suggestion for our professional clients is to follow all new rules and regulations fully. The possible repercussions are high if the current regulations related to COVID19 are not followed.

The new rules were accepted after lengthy negotiations between the Governor’s office and the  BIAW, its counsel, officers, members, associated labor groups and building industry leaders.

We have assembled documents, notes and links to assist you in getting back to work as quickly as possible and doing so while complying with all of the new regulations. 

The video at the bottom of the page was a two and a half webinar that was hosted by the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW). It goes over every area of new regulation and is a great source to get you up to speed with how to run your business moving forward.

We’d like to take the time now to thank the BIAW and their team who have fought so hard to get everyone in the building industry back to work. We also strongly  encourage all our professional customers to become members of the BIAW. They fight hard for our industry and they need our support. How to Join

Everything below is a simplified and broken down version of what exists in this document – Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements

Please remember these are the terms required by the Governor to keep construction open – regardless of personal opinions on any of this we are encouraging everyone to follow the guidelines so that we can all stay working.


PHASE 1 Construction Restart Basics

  • Applies to all projects that currently have a permit
  • Applies to all projects that do NOT require a permit
  • Applies to all projects where all workers can maintain a 6′ distance while working
  • Applies to all construction projects where all regulations and rules can be followed fully

PHASE 1 Construction Restart Regulations

  • ALL workers must keep 6′ from other workers while on the jobsite. NO exceptions
    • No carpooling with other co-workers to pick up materials
    • No moving of materials in close quarters
    • No exceptions
  • ALL workers must wear a face covering
    • Dust masks, cloth masks, bandannas, anything that covers the nose and mouth
    • No exceptions
  • ALL workers must wear gloves
    • No specific gloves are required other than the type appropriate for the task
    • No exceptions
  • ALL workers must wear eye protection
    • No specific eye protection is required other than the type appropriate for the task
    • No exceptions
  • No worker should come to work if they are sick
    • No worker is required to work if they feel the jobsite is unsafe
  • All jobsites must have a COVID19 Supervisor
    • This can be an existing member of your crew 
    • They do NOT need to be present on the jobsite UNLESS you have more than 7 people on the site 
    • They must know all the regulations 
    • They must be prepared to present and inform L&I or other appropriate regulators or law enforcement with proof and understanding of the rules and regulations related to Phase 1
  • How to handle Sub-Contractors on your jobsite
    • It is the COVID19 Supervisor’s responsibility to ensure all sub-contractors are complying.
      • If they refuse, dismiss them from the jobsite
      • Both the sub-contractor AND the general contractor must be prepared for  consequences if policy is ignored
      • Work with each sub-contractor to confirm adherence 
  • Responsibilities of the COVID19 Supervisor
    • They are required monitor the jobsite for adherence to the Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements
    • They are required to have a “Toolbox Talk” with employees about safety regulations at the beginning of any job, with any new employee and it must be done weekly
      • There is no regulation requiring record keeping of this 
    • They are required to take every workers temperature at the beginning of the day
      • OR workers can take it home and report temperature to the supervisor BEFORE leaving for work
      • Temp must be below 100.4° for them to legally work
      • There is no regulation requiring record keeping of this, but the COVID19 Supervisor must be prepared to show some sort of proof of compliance if requested from L&I 
    • They are required to follow ALL Cleanliness Guidelines
      • No exceptions
  • Cleanliness Guidelines
    • Must have a hand washing station with running water and soap on ALL jobsites
      • Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels have portable hand washing stations on order and they should be available shortly
      • Portable wash station must have soap, hand sanitizer does not replace this
      • Workers must have access 100% of the time
      • Hands must be washed before eating, after eating, after bathroom, after sneezing or coughing
    • All common touch surfaces must be wiped down before the start of the day and before leaving the jobsite
      • Any shared tools must be wiped down between uses of different workers and after use is complete
      • Sanitize all areas of work in occupied homes when arriving and when leaving, occupants must be 10’ away
  • Enforcement
    • Enforcement will be lead by L&I and supported by appropriate law enforcement
    • New regulations related to COVID19 will be part of the regular inspection process
    • New regulations related to COVID19 will only be a requirement as long as the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order is in affect
    • If compliance is shown then phase two of residential and small commercial construction without restrictions is more likely to take place
    • Be sure you know your safety plan, or you will be shut down
    • It has been advised that if you cannot do your work safely to cease operations until Phase 2 is adopted or the whole industry could be shut down again
  • Potential consequences to working WITHOUT following all new regulations
    • Building site could be shut down
    • License could be suspended
    • Permits could be being pulled
    • Fines and penalties could be applied
    • Possible liability lawsuits from workers and or homeowners
    • Criminal prosecution
    • Phase 1 being revoked by the Governor; halt of construction
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