Dave Olson Celebrates 25 Years at Hartnagel

dpo 25 yearsLong-time employee, Dave Olson has been with Hartnagel Building Supply since October 1988.

When he first started with the company, Dave remembers that he “and one other guy were the whole yard crew and only about nine employees worked at the store” which at the time was located on Front and Race Streets. Dave made deliveries and worked in the lumber yard loading materials for customers. After driving for several years, he moved inside to front counter sales and then worked his way into his current position in the Contractor Sales department.

Dave has seen many changes over the years and became an employee owner when Hartnagel transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership company in 2004. Then in 2008 Dave helped move the store into a larger facility at its current location on the corner of East Highway 101 and Larch Drive.

“I enjoy helping people through their projects,” says Dave. He shared a story about a particular customer who wanted to build a shed but “didn’t even own a hammer. So I sold him a hammer. Each Friday I explained which materials he needed for the next step and drew a picture of what to do until he completed the project.”

In addition to assisting customers, Dave helps to keep the store stocked with hardwoods, molding, and hardware. Coworkers call him “our hardwoods guy.” Over the years, Dave says, “it’s been a constant learning experience with new products on the market almost every month.”

An avid woodworker, Dave is always building something and calls himself a “wood butcher extraordinaire.” And when Dave is on vacation, you’ll likely find a sign on his desk that says “Gone Fishin’!”

Contact Dave Olson at Hartnagel Building Supply, 3111 East Highway 101 in Port Angeles, or call 452-8933.