October Community First Saturday Benefiting Sequim Wheelers

Join us in supporting Sequim Wheelers by making purchases or donating directly during our “Community First Saturday” event on Saturday October 6th, 2018. Sequim Wheelers representatives will be present at Hartnagel Building Supply, informing all those that attend and shop about the local work and the support they offer the elderly and disabled in Clallam County. 5% of all retail sales collected that Saturday and 100% of donations taken in the store will be split with this incredible organization and Catholic Community Services!

Funds raised at the stores will be used to help raise money for an additional Wheelchair Bicycle that grants disabled community members with an outdoor travel experience on the Olympic Discovery Trail. The trips which enrich the lives of those who have physical limitations are guided by volunteer pilots who pedal their way through the amazing scenery we have here on the Olympic Peninsula.

We chose Sequim Wheelers as a Community First Saturday recipient because we believe our support is an absolute necessity for people of all abilities. There are many in our community that lack the physical ability to take part in outdoor activities and this in turn can have a severe impact on their mental and physical health. We have a great opportunity to support a very new non-profit with a mission that serves a mostly silent population. Granting this population the ability to get outside and enjoy our natural spaces is a huge benefit for their quality of life and will guarantee a freedom not otherwise realized.

Sequim Wheelers is a small program with an important message.

Sequim Wheelers is contributing to build a more inclusive community where everyone can enjoy the amazing Olympic Discovery Trail without the limitations of physical capabilities.

The non-profit is the fifth program of this kind in the US and offers FREE wheelchair bike rides to the elderly and disabled community members, including children. Trained volunteers provide 45 minute to one hour long rides on the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) in Sequim.

Sequim Wheelers relies on donations and volunteers to fully support their outreach into the communities of the Olympic Peninsula. We’re not only encouraging financial donations but also extending the call for qualified persons to assist by becoming a volunteer.

Mark it down on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone and pledge to come on down to Angeles Millwork or Hartnagel Building Supply, Saturday October 6th, and shop with a purpose. Community non-profits help to keep our communities whole, profitable and productive. But it can’t be done without everyone’s help.

Your participation matters!

Want to know more about the Sequim Wheelers?

  • Donate to Sequim Wheelers directly now by clicking HERE.
  • Would you like to know more about becoming a volunteer Pedaler? Click HERE.
  • Visit their website by clicking HERE.
  • HERE’S how you can contact them.
  • sequimwheelers@yahoo.com