Straw Wattle

Straw wattles are permeable barriers used to detain surface runoff long enough to reduce flow velocity. Their main purpose is to break up slope length. They have also been used in small drainages or on side slopes for detaining small amounts of fine suspended sediment.

Oregon Straw Wattle’s proprietary manufacturing process allows for consistent uniform rolls and compact packaging that you won’t see anywhere else. Ease of installation has proven the wattles to be the contractors choice for sediment control. OSW-R9 is listed on the qualified products list (QPL). This gives the wattles pre-approved status to Department of Transportation Standard Specifications in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Our Straw Wattles are made locally with 100 % weed free rye straw grown in the Northwest and use 9″ diameter Photo-degradable, Bio-degradable netting. Straw wattles are available in 25′  lengths. Custom sizes available upon request.


OSW-R9 weed free organic features often allow for the permanent placement when used for slope stabilization projects. OSW-R9 are secured to the ground with wooden stakes. Live plant cuttings can be used as an alternative to the wooden stakes for a permanent placement