Framing Lumber


We proudly stock #2 & better kiln dried PREMIUM Douglas Fir which is a consistently straight, clean and attractive lumber grade that is ideal for discerning builders.

Douglas-fir is a straight grained and resilient timber with high strength-to-weight ratio. Its light rosy color is set off by a remarkably straight grain pattern, making it a premium building product specified by architects, engineers and builders for a wide range of construction applications. Douglas-fir is also valued for its dimensional stability, strength and high specific gravity which provides excellent nail-holding capability.

Our Premium grade Douglas-fir lumber sets the standard for the industry with attractive four square edges, minimal warp and a bright, clean appearance.

  • Precision-graded for consistent appearance and minimal waste
  • Lumber is kiln-dried using advanced technology and processes to make straighter lumber
  • Log procurement adheres to SFI Certified Sourcing standards
  • Learn more about lumber grading in CEO Kelly Fox’s Blog Post, “Making the Grade in Lumber Quality” by clicking HERE.

Sizes normally in stock listed below.

*Lumber is a commodity with prices fluctuating weekly due to market conditions. With our Lumber Commodity Price Sheet we look to keep you as informed as possible about those prices.
Click on our Lumber Pricing page for the most recent Lumber Commodity Price List.

  • All prices subject to change without notice, please contact us to verify stock availability.
  • We ALWAYS stock #2 and better PREMIUM kiln dried Douglas Fir framing lumber.

Sizes marked in ORANGE are lengths NOT STOCKED at Home Depot.
Please talk to a customer service representative for special orders.

Framing Lumber 8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′
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2×8 X X X X X X X
2×10 X X X X X X X
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