Cedar Fencing

Western Red Cedar has been known for its beauty and durability, making it the preferred wood species for outdoor projects. The major distinction of Western Red Cedar is its natural ability to outlast most other wood species. Its fibers contain natural compounds that act as preservatives, making the wood extremely long lasting. These compounds provide natural resistance to moisture, insects and decay. Western Red Cedar fences are extremely sturdy and lasting for 20 years or longer is commonplace even where vastly different weather patterns occur.

The video below is from the Real Cedar You Tube Channel.  For an extensive list of cedar based videos featuring information as well as how-to videos click HERE.

We offer Tight Knot Select Cedar Fencing in 6 different sizes with no holes.

5′ 6′ 8′
1 x 4 N/A X X
1 X 6 X X X
5′ 6′ 8′
1 X 6 N/A X N/A

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