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Sliding Door Hardware


Do the kits include the door and header board?
No, the door and header board are purchased separately.

What size header board is required?
A 2 x 6 header board is recommended, however, a 1 x 6 header board can be used as well.

What is the door width the kits can accommodate?
The kits can accommodate up to a 38″ door.

What size door do I need if replacing an existing swinging door?
See chart below.

Existing Door Width 24″ 28″ 30″ 32″
Total Overlap 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″
Total Casing Width 4 1/2″ 4 1/2″ 4 1/2″ 4 1/2″
New Sliding Door Width 29″ 33″ 35″ 37″

What is the maximum door opening width?
36″ is the max door opening width that is recommended for a single door.  For an opening over 36″, two pieces of track (from two kits) should be used with a connecting adapter.

What door thickness can the kits accommodate?
The kits can accommodate 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ door thickness.

What is the maximum door weight for each kit?
The maximum weight is 200 lbs per door.

What type of door will work with this hardware?
Custom Interior Doors, Interior Slab doors and most other interior doors are compatible.

Can I connect two pieces of track together?
Yes, you can connect two pieces of track using National Hardware’s connecting adapter.

Are the products tested for durability?
Yes, both kits are designed and tested to follow ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements.

What is the Product Warranty?
The products come with a Lifespan Limited Lifetime Warranty.