Can Your Tape Do This?

Industry professionals are more than impressed by the multiple advantages presented by the G-Tape line of products now in stock at Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels. G-Tape has applications and advantages over every other tape you have used before and then some. See the list below and then see it for yourself on our video.

G-tape Advantages

  • All tapes tear by hand. No knife or scissors needed.
  • The tape can be removed with little or no residue during initial applications.
  • It can be re-positioned or reused when initially applied.
  • It can be used in wet applications with superior adhesion.
  • No wrinkles.
  • It will not stick to itself.
  • Zero VOCs

Danny Steiger, Retail Sales Manager from Hartnagel Building Supply demonstrates the many uses of G-Tape products.

G-Tape™ Construction, Industrial, Institutional and Consumer Series Products

1009 –  Available in Green and Clear
Popular trade uses in hardwood flooring, tile, laminate, glass and window installations.





2010 series tapes are available in Blue or Red and have more adhesion than the 1009 series tapes, but still offer low residue removal. 2010 series tapes have excellent performance with advanced acrylic adhesive and are available in dynamic colors. These tapes are semitransparent and excellent for weather tight repairs packaging, masking, and labeling as they are easy to write on with black or colored markers.





2010AL is a very clean and user friendly HVAC tape. Much easier to use than regular metal based tapes that tend to stick to themselves and cannot be repositioned once adhered. G-Tape™ 2010AL will quickly become on of your favorite tapes.





2020SB (Sky Blue) is a specialty tape designed to out perform all existing House Wrap tapes. 2020 has superior adhesion values along with high tensile strength and excellent durability. Competitor’s tapes cannot match the performance and durability of 2020SB.





3040BK 2″, 4”, 6″, 9″ and 12″ sizes and is used by deck builders on joists to protect against water penetration but also moves into the window and fenestration application. High performance, repositionable, and able to be installed without the use of razor knives or scissors, making G-Tape™ Flashing unlike any other product you’ve seen.

Ultimate Flashing performance with unmatched contractor friendly features. AAMA 7-11 Level 3 Class A means 3040BK Flashings meet the highest standards for hot and cold performance (-40° – +200°) and does so without the need for additional primer. Lighter weight than butyl or rubberized asphalt flashings 3040BK outperforms these products by significant margins.

-3040BK Flashings have been recently tested for 50 year aging and have demonstrated to retain over 60% of original adhesion and over 100% of original tensile strength. We challenge all other Flashing products to do the same.