Lumber Commodity Prices being affected by Canadian fires

OSB Plywood and Stacked dimensional lumberRight now commodity prices are on fire. Literally and figuratively.  The wildfires in Alberta have limited the production of logs at the time when demand is exploding across the United States.

Adding to those woes, an OSB mill also burned to the ground last week in the same region.  The lack of supply and the increased demand will probably fall over into the CDX markets soon, as they are now trading as close to OSB prices as I have seen them in a long time and I expect them to move up. Wildfire burning trees and large flames This week OSB prices jumped up by more than $1 per sheet in just about every thickness or application.

Our buyers, Ron and Todd, are doing what they can to keep us in stock and to protect the prices we have quoted but we will be following the market as the building season unfolds based on increased replacement costs and limiting the number of days we can hold pricing.  As the industry works through some of these challenges, I expect there to be more volatility in the weeks and months ahead.

Be sure and check out our Lumber Commodity Price Sheet on our Blog Page to stay up to date on these coming changes.

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Kelly Fox – CEO
Lumber Traders Inc.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply

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