The Platinum Tape

The-Platinum-Tape As I talk with various customers and community partners about the building materials industry, I am always fascinated by the stories I hear about the connection to the place we call home. From the first time home buyer keen on getting his first man cave, the couple downsizing as they prepare to travel, and the families in between; the home is always full of memories and hope.

Being a local provider for the building materials that will eventually become homes means that we are rewarded by being a real part to those memories. This whole concept is something we hold dearly in our approach and our responsibility.

If our business took a one size fits all approach to our customers, it would be nearly impossible for us to recognize the uniqueness that is you. When you work with our staff to expand a deck or improve your view with new windows, we strive to give you our best effort for those that will enter your home. If you are not particularly handy with a hammer and decide to hire a contractor, our vision is still the same, to help you feel confident and more at comfort in the place you call home.


The Golden Rule.

In late 2015, the entire team at Hartnagel Building Supply and Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. went through training that focused our efforts to be absolutely great for our customers. We started by addressing our underlying assumptions that we think the customers want to be treated like us.

The Platinum Rule.

If we were ever going to match the unique needs of each customer we needed to learn what it means to treat them how they want to be treated.

In the next phase of training we looked at our processes when handling customer’s orders and the internal process that sometimes creates hurdles to treating the customer with the platinum mentality.

Much like our other assumptions, we are trashing many of them with the goal that every part of our process becomes as customer centric as possible and we measure that success with a “platinum tape”.

Customers ultimately deserve to receive an experience and products tailored just for them and we get the benefit of having great relationships with our customers!

When you’re ready for your next project or just need some friendly advice before you get started, I encourage you to drop by, give us a call, or send your carrier pigeon and see the difference we are making for you!

On behalf of all the employee owners at Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply, thank you for choosing local.



Warm Regards,

Kelly Fox, CEO
Lumber Traders, INC.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply