Lumber Market in Your Favor

Friends and Neighbors,

To be as transparent as possible about the world of commodities it is time to share that the lumber market is in your favor.  In a rising market, we as the seller, do better.  In the falling market, like we are in right now, deals are available.  Simply put, the construction dollar, your dollar, goes further in these times.  When the slide will end or how far it will go is outside of our control.  All we can do is follow the market and look for opportunity.

Addressing the lumber market with our building community this morning we talked at great length about its volatility.  We have gone to soaring highs to unbelievable lows in a matter of a few months, making it challenging for the industry.  Early in the year, we had lots of external factors like trucking and weather that drove prices high, coupled with a housing boom willing to buy everything on the market.  The current market is still great for building, but high prices have kept dealers on the sideline not wanting to get burned by expensive inventory.  The lack of activity in the commodity market has creating an oversupply that needs to be worked through.

We will continue our tradition of watching closely and following the market to make sure that we are looking out for our customers.  We know that every up market has a downside, or in this case a down market has an upside.  If you are ready to build, now is a great time to take advantage of a discounted market.


Kelly Fox
CEO Lumber Traders Inc.