Western Red Cedar Products

Seymour-1997-59Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply pride themselves in the quality of their cedar products. If the natural look of wood in your deck, fence, siding and or lumber is a priority, cedar is always the top choice.

Even acclaimed builder and TV host Mike Holmes wrote a blog post on building with cedar.

The heartwood of the tree (the deeper colored red part, not the white sap part) is resistant to rot insect damage and decay. Moisture is what creates TFP367-Board304twisting and splitting and that is why cedar decking tends to lie flat and straight. These compounds provide natural resistance to moisture, insects and decay.

Western Red Cedar decking has unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that bring warmth, character and longevity to deck projects. Western Red Cedar fences are extremely sturdy and lasting 20 years or longer is commonplace, even where vastly different weather patterns occur.

We offer cedar products that are green & kiln dried, as well as knotty & clear giving you a variety of choices when planning for your project.

Our suppliers source our cedar from Terminal Forest Products in British Columbia, Canada. They have full control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finish guaranteeing an unparalleled Western Red Cedar product always above “standard” grade.

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The video below is from Real Cedar.  For an extensive list of cedar based videos featuring more information and how-to videos from Real Cedar click HERE.