Thank You to Bill Francis from Blake Tile and Stone for Keeping Us a Bit Safer!

Our yard manager for Angeles Millwork,  Anthony Hernandez had a visit from Bill Francis, a driver for Blake Tile and Stone Inc.  He wanted to alert Anthony to a potential fire hazard with our Pal Finger 3-wheel forklift.  Apparently, Blake Tile and Stone has the same lift and it caught fire due to the design and location of one of the battery cables.  Every time the wheels are turned, they were rubbing on the battery cable with was also near a hydraulic fluid line.  Bill was on the unit when it burst into flames in the engine compartment.

Luckily, Bill was quick to respond and used the lift’s fire extinguisher to put the fire out and save total destruction of their lift, but it was still seriously damaged.  Bill was aware that we had the same unit and felt compelled to talk to us about the potential danger.  When Anthony started looking at our Pal Finger he found that sure enough – the battery cable was seriously worn through just as Bill had described.

We cannot thank Bill enough for his extra effort at keeping our employees safe.  Blake Tile and Stone have a wonderfully selfless employee in Bill and its amazing to have it be proven that we local businesses have each other’s backs!  Thank you Bill and Blake Tile and Stone!!!!