Senate Bill 6415

Yesterday Kelly Fox, CEO of Lumber Traders Inc. parent company of Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply was asked to speak to the Senate Education Committee for K-12 programs about the need for Career and Technical Education in our community.


Senate Bill 6415 is designed to maintain the funding for shop classes in our schools along with other skilled trade programs.

Kelly looks at skilled trades and high school shop classes as a future pipeline for employees going to work for our customers or coming to work for one of our stores. We all recognize how hard it is to find skilled people and losing even one more potential source is too much. Taking things a step further, the future of our county is dependent on a trained workforce that does not always need to be college educated. Without the CTE programs, our young people in the community may leave the area to find work in the urban markets.  In turn our community, along with our stores, struggle to remain viable.

If you want to learn more you can watch the video here. Kelly’s contribution starts at the 44:16 mark.

If any of you ever get the chance or feel so moved to speak on an issue to our legislature, Kelly encourages others to speak up and have their voice heard.

Things may not always go your way but you will have done your part in supporting your cause in the legislative process.

For the issue with SB 6415, it is not likely to make it out of committee and that does spell trouble for our programs going forward. Next year the budgets renew and hopefully there will be a much better chance to get the funding needed to maintain our CTE programs!