Students Come Together to Beautify Port Angeles

Students from Franklin Elementary School recently got the opportunity to be creative with the assistance of volunteer Leslie Robertson from Revitalize Port Angeles The goal was to beautify a drab chain link fence with children’s art as you enter downtown Port Angeles on HWY 101. The plywood donated by Angeles Millwork was cut into squares and painted by the children with the theme, “Winter in Port Angeles”.

The fence art display will be rotated 2-3 times per year with different themes by local school children.  Be sure and check out the display in person on Highway 101 just before N. Lincoln St.

Participating classes from Franklin Elementary were made up by

  • Mrs. Schaefermeyer’s 1st grade class
  • Mr. Simmons’ 1st grade class
  • Mrs. Gochnour’s 2nd grade class
  • Ms. Williams’ 3rd grade class
  • Ms. Baccus’ Kindergarten class
  • Ms. Soule’s 3rd grade
  • Mr. Thomason’s 5th grade class
  • Mr. Ritchie’s 6th grade class.
Young artists at work