Makerspace Challenges Students with Process-Based Learning

Over the past two years, Roosevelt Elementary School teacher Jennifer Richards has approached Hartnagels and Angeles Millwork for assistance with materials to create hands on “Makerspace” projects for students.

Makerspace time, is an opportunity for process-based learning through use of hands-on activities and challenges. The goals are to: foster creativity, facilitate the development of problem-solving skills, build perseverance and alter students’ views of failure.  The maker space is also a constructionist learning space in which students work through various engineering design challenges using a variety of cross-curricular materials.

The younger kids were first challenged with making a marble run, that got a marble from the top of the board on one side to the bottom of the board on the other side, with a limited amount of materials. Once they accomplished this, they were further challenged with trying to get the marble to roll uphill at some point during the run.

The older kids were challenged with making a marble run for a metal marble (that conducts electricity). Once the marble run was made, students were tasked with using aluminum foil and Makey Makey kits to construct several circuits connecting the marble run to a computer keyboard. They then had to program the circuits to time the marble, to see how long it took to move through the run.  As the marble moved down the run, it completed various circuits that were programmed to start and stop the timer and do other fun things like make sounds.

The marble walls were built by Mr. Rich Boyd, the grandfather of a student. They were used at Roosevelt Elementary School in a 1st-3rd grade class and a 5th-6th grade class during their “maker space” time.

Hartnagels and Angeles Millwork are proud to be a small part of the Makers Space at Roosevelt Elementary School. Its an investment in the future, that as shown through the pictures, will be a huge benefit to our community at large

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