June Community First Saturday Benefiting Pet Posse

Join us in supporting Port Angeles Pet Posse by making purchases or donating directly during our “Community First Saturday” event on Saturday June 2nd, 2018. Pet Posse representatives will be present at both stores handing out free gifts and holding a raffle for pet supplies!

Funds raised will be used to support reuniting of animals, the hospital project, and their newest pet service, the Veterinary Transport. The transport vehicle is available to take your pets for routine veterinary treatment, or for emergency care, if needed.

We chose Port Angeles Pet Posse as a Community First Saturday recipient because we personally know customers and friends that have had a lost pet returned to them due to the direct action of their efforts. Their grass roots local network of people online and in the community is essential to their success and we as local businesses know how important our pets’ safety is to each of us. Pet Posse has an essential need for additional support in the way of funds and is also looking for those that can honestly commit a portion of their time to be reliable and devoted volunteers.

Pet Posse was formed to help others reunite with their pets. Their founder realized that the community needed assistance and started a search and rescue for lost and found pets and their owners. At the time, there was nowhere to turn or resources available. The first search by Pet Posse was in November 2014, and since then they have reunited almost 1700 pets with their owners. Searches are at no cost to the owner, although the owner is expected to cover the costs of flyers and, if needed, assist the searchers.

How It Works

Port Angeles Pet Posse is an all-volunteer group that works with owners to find their lost pets or found pets looking for their “lost” owners. Pet Posse volunteers are unpaid, donating their time because they know how difficult it can be to lose a pet. They also care for unattended pets whose owners are in the hospital, assist veterans and indigent people in saying goodbye to an elderly or terminally ill pet. Pet Posse is prepared to help the county in the event of a natural disaster.

Donations are crucial to help in continuing their mission of reuniting pets with their owners and funds are used to help that next animal that is missing, support our shelter, the OMC project, Veterans project, and other projects.

Pet Posse is available for presentations to community groups, schools, or interested organizations, to help provide information and awareness about the Port Angeles Pet Posse, pet safety, etc. Contact them to schedule a presentation.

Pet Posse is also in need of supplies, so if you’d like to donate something other than cash click HERE for a list of needed items.

One of the countless happy stories from Port Angeles Pet Posse.

Hunter is a 7 year old Saint Bernard who lives in the Joyce area. He took off on January 31 after some exotic smell, and was nowhere to be found for days. We posted his picture on our Facebook and shared it as far as Forks. On February 3, a couple was out on the trails in the Striped Peak area, 6-7 miles from Joyce, and came across a Saint Bernard lying beside the trail, just waiting. Luckily, they had seen our post and knew exactly who this big boy was, brought him back with them, and called the Pet Posse. This picture is after his big adventure. He looks pretty worn out!

Mark it down on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone and run on down to Angeles Millwork or Hartnagel Building Supply, Saturday June 2nd, and shop with a purpose.  Community non-profits help to keep our communities whole, profitable and productive. But it can’t be done without everyone’s help. Your participation matters!

Want to know even more about the Port Angeles Pet Posse?

  • You can Donate directly on their website HERE
  • Follow them on their Facebook Page HERE
  • Visit their website HERE
  • Contact them directly HERE
  • Or Call @ 360-775-5154