Community First Saturday April 2018 Recipient Lincoln Park BMX

Introducing our inaugural Community First Saturday recipient, Lincoln Park BMX!

Join us in supporting Lincoln Park BMX by making purchases or donating directly during our “Community First Saturday” event, on April 7th, 2018. That day only, 5% of all retail sales at Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels will be donated to Lincoln Park BMX. Funds will be used to continue to make track improvements, help future local riders and to attract others nationwide to travel here for races and events.

Lincoln Park BMX, a non-profit organization, took over the BMX track in Port Angeles in the spring of 2017. The sport of BMX is enjoyed by all ages and always welcomes new and returning riders! The new Board of Directors for Lincoln Park BMX had a successful first season in 2017, increasing memberships by 20% and have high hopes for the 2018 season. USABMX recently dubbed Lincoln Park BMX “A Cinderella Story” for the amazing transformations that are happening and the future plans for the community.

This spring they began construction on a new starting hill, installing a state of the art safety gate with a grant from the Lodging Tax Committee. The grant was matched with equal funds from donations from the community and volunteer hours were donated by community and track members for necessary labor.

They plan to continue to grow and improve their facilities by building a new concession/registration building so they can offer a variety of non-prepackage food options and more efficient work areas for race sign ups.  They are also looking at the replacement of current dilapidated fences.  Another improvement, which would help bring riders to the track, is paving the corners of the track.  By paving the corners, this would enable the track to stay competitive in the market for rider satisfaction and participation. It would also allow them to cut down on maintenance while ensuring a ridable surface during all weather conditions.

We chose Lincoln Park BMX as a Community First Saturday recipient because we were very impressed by their motivated revitalization efforts after new management took over the track in the spring of 2017. We knew that offering our assistance would be just the push that was needed for them to pull ahead and provide our community a welcoming and safe location for kids to engage in a healthy fun activity and be a part of a community non-profit.  The track is in desperate need of attention. We hope to help ensure operations are maintained in order to retain riders from the Olympic Peninsula and draw in 100s of riders from around the nation for races.  Having a community fixture in the area that not only brings in outside money but helps to give kids an outdoor focus is definitely worthy of supporting. We hope you will join our stores in supporting Lincoln Park BMX by shopping with us Saturday, April 7th, 2018.

Please, mark it down on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone and race on down to Angeles Millwork or Hartnagel Building Supply, April 7th, and shop with a purpose.  Community non-profits help to keep our communities whole, profitable and productive. But it can’t be done without everyone’s help. Your participation matters!

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