Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels Awarded the Title of Smile Makers!

Tuesday, August 28th, the employees at Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels were greeted with a huge surprise. A catered lunch and the title of “Smile Makers” was awarded by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy and their Smile Patrol for our support of local non-profits through our Community First Saturday Program!

The nomination was submitted by Nola Grier, the Administrative Director of Port Angeles Educational Foundation. Port Angeles Educational Foundation happens to be one of our two recipients for September in our Community First Saturday Fundraiser. We are grateful for the recognition, but this is an award that is truly for the community of the Olympic Peninsula.  The efforts, purchases and direct donations by all of our patrons are the true “Smile Makers”. All our employee owners thank you for your contributions to the betterment of our local community non-profit organizations.

The biggest surprise for the day was when Delta Dental presented Port Angeles Educational Foundation AND Five Acre School Parent Service Organization each with a $500 check to help in the support of Community First Saturday promotions!

We are ecstatic, humbled and proud to be involved with you in creating a better community for all the residents of the Olympic Peninsula. Thank you to Delta Dental for the support and recognition of our wonderful community and all the selfless actions that take place within it. Keep it up, we have more smiles to create!

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