The 2018 FREE Calendars Are Here!

Thank you to our annual calendar photographers (listed below) who were honored Friday, December 1st with a small reception and the unveiling of the new 2018 Calendar.  All photos were shot locally and feature a vast diversity of photographs featuring the Pacific Northwest.  We truly appreciate all the photographers who took the time to send us their photos. The process of narrowing down photos to be featured in the calendar was a great challenge.

Calendars are available FREE of charge and our annual gift to our community at both Angeles Millwork and Hartnagel Building Supply. Just drop in and ask for one at our front counter!

Amber Keebler
Avona Danser
Brian McConaghy
Chuck Rondeau
Debbie Schouten
Donna Goutermont
Ehmey Liggins
Eli Owens
Heidi Stratford
Jada Piantes
Josh Bergesen
Kathy Calm
Kelly Fox
Ken Campbell
Leslie Wright
Mary Campbell
Mike Murray
Rebecca Wells
Stephanie Balducci
Tim Owens
Todd Angevine
Wendy Duncan

*On a side note we do have a correction to draw attention to in regards to a mistake made by our advertising coordinator, Josh Bergesen.  As many of you know the 3rd of July in NOT Independence Day and we are NOT closed. We are however closed on the actual day of our Independence and that falls on the 4th of July. His punishment is pictured below but we decided actually driving him over in one of our delivery trucks would have been a bit severe.