Allesco Texture Sprayer


The Allesco TS900 texture sprayer is a great sprayer for residential and light commercial work. It is able to spray mainly simulated acoustic, drywall mud. The TS900 hopper will hold up to 8 gallons and is a great unit for the handyman and small contractor.

  • High-capacity on-board air compressor produces 4.0 cfm at 40 psi to project material farther
  • RotoFlex™ II texture pump delivers smooth material flow for uniform coverage and consistent spray pattern
  • Dual-use gun quickly converts to hopper gun for touch-up jobs
  • Bonded material/air hose with no-tools hose connections for easy handling
  • Single-motor design powers both the pumping system and air compressor for maximum efficiency and compactness
  • Easy to use operator controls

Daily            $60
Weekly        $240
Monthly      $900