Billy Goat PL 1800 Aerator


This compact 18″ aerator is ideal for smaller property aeration and features reciprocating cam tines that propel the unit forward and drive cores up to 2.75″ deep. The unit can aerate up to 22,000 sq. ft. per hour, is simple to operate for homeowners, easy to steer without lifting and requires no add-on weights.

The easy folding handle allows for compact transport and storage. Only four tines and no chains along with a no-tool removable cover make for easy maintenance.

Engine: 205 cc Briggs (PL1800); 118 cc Honda (PL1800H)
Tines: 4
Core Depth: Up to 2.75″
Core Spacing: 3.63 x 6″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Length: 57″
Width: 24″
Height: 40″
Tires: 12″ Semi-pneumatic

Daily            $85
Weekly        $340
Monthly      $1275

Billy Goat PL 1800 Aerator Manual