Snapper Shear Fiber Cement Shear SS404

Snapper Shears Hardie recommendation

The PacTool SS404 Fiber-Cement Shear cuts fiber-cement siding quickly, safely, and economically. Featuring reversible blades that are machined from solid steel, this versatile tool provides smooth, fast operation you can rely on. Most important, the SS404 won’t produce airborne silica dust, so you can count on your job site being as healthy as can be.

Powerful Motor and Innovative Engineering for Reliable Performance
Designed to cut fiber-cement siding up to 5/16-inch thick, this patented tool boasts a smart design and amazing durability. A robust 6.5-amp motor, 1/2-inch spindle gear, and 360-degree swivel head combine with comfortable ergonomics for optimum performance, even on all-day jobs.

Dust-Free Cutting for a Healthy, Worksite
Productivity doesn’t just mean getting the job done fast, it also means keeping your workplace safe. All cement-fiber siding contains silica, which is harmless unless large quantities are inhaled as dust. Because the SS404 doesn’t produce airborne dust like circular saws do, you’ll completely avoid the serious health risks associated with silica.

Daily            $20
Weekly        $80
Monthly      $300

Snapper Shear Fiber Cement Shear SS404 Manual