Crain Toe Kick Saw


The extended spindle, low profile cutting head, and flush-mounted blade of this saw allow it to cut all the way against the inner wall of a toe-kick for removing old underlayment. Saves time and serious hard work!

Cuts wood to a fixed depth of 3/4” using the 3 3/8” diameter 18 tooth carbide-tipped blade included with the saw. A continuous rim 2 5/8” dry cutting diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile, brick, concrete, stone, or for removing grout to a fixed depth of 3/8” is available as an accessory.

Toe-Kick Saw includes a clutch mechanism that may disengage to reduce kickback forces if the saw is abused by cutting curves or cutting backwards, and includes detailed instructions for safe usage.

Daily            $40
Weekly        $160
Monthly      $600

Crain Toe Kick Saw Manual