Apply to Become a 2018 Community Saturday Recipient

As an employee owned company, we have a strong connection, and frankly, a large responsibility to support the communities of the Olympic Peninsula. Our customers and owners live, work and play right here.  In the past, Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels have generously given in building materials and cash to numerous small and large non-profits and community organizations, chosen by us as our resources allowed.

In 2018, we’ve decided to take a bold approach and ask you each individually to fulfill our request to best help our community.  We are looking for input from our friends and customers on which community organizations are in the most need of assistance.  These organizations should be local and with a direct impact to those on the Olympic Peninsula.  We absolutely love the idea of focusing on organizations that are mostly manned by volunteers with little time to actively fund-raise or apply for appropriate funding grants.

This will come together as a monthly event we will be calling “Community Saturday”.

On the first Saturday of each month, starting in April, we will be selecting a local organization, or organizations, brought forward by the community and our employee owners. The charitable organization will be promoted through our website and social media channels, highlighting their accomplishments in the community and their immediate need, to which we will be looking to help fund. With your help, we will donate 5% of ALL retail sales from BOTH Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels to the chosen organization.  This way we all know where our efforts are going and how they are being used.

To assist us in our search, we are asking that any interested organizations fill out the required form by clicking HERE and apply to be a part of our “Community Saturday” for 2018.

All those submitting a completed form will get an email confirming their application was received. Please allow for at least one business day to receive your confirmation.

2018 Community Saturday Recipients will be notified via phone and email in March of 2018.  A  list of 2018 recipients will be announced in April on our website and Facebook.